Bumper Sticker


Often when driving around I see other vehicles that look like they just might belong to an amateur radio operato – you know, a mobile porcupine. But often I have no idea who they are or how to potentially spark up a QSO with them as they drive by – which admittedly some may not be seeking.

Well in the bid to help others solve that problem if they see me, and also to try and further encourage some mobile 2m FM Simplex; I had a bumper sticker created a few weeks back (and which you can see attached to this post). It basically just has my callsign and the 2m FM call frequency on it – I'm actually wondering why I didn't put the 70cm call frequency on there too (but oh well). This is because generally if I'm driving around I'm always at the very least scanning the 2m and 70cm call frequencies, so if someone saw this and threw out a call it's likely I'd hear them.

So! If you're driving around and you see me – and you feel like a chat – then throw out the call and if the radio's on it's likely I'll reply. If it's not on, well….

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