Getting ready for 2m Cheap Yagi Attempt 2

Well, having learnt a substantial amount after making my steel version of the WA5VJB 4el 2m Cheap Yagi, I'm now working towards building two more. This time I will use aluminium (to aim for better performance) and am also aiming to make two identical ones. My plan then is to attempt to stack them and learn all about that part of yagis – although I've already been reading a bit about it and also getting great guidance from Owen (VK1OD) which has been very insightful.

Also, due to the use of aluminium and the difficulties with soldering; I'm hoping to work on a way to mechanically mount an N panel connector so we'll see how we go.

Anyway, I've got all the aluminium for the elements (grabbed it at lunch) and hopefully I may even have enough left to build one of the 70cm beams, but we'll see how I go – and how much time I can spare. Oh, plus I need to do a few test runs of bending aluminium to see if I can do it without cracking it in half – out comes the heat source (wonder if I'll need to get a better one).

As always I'll keep you all posted. Plus, at the very least I want to finish soldering my steel version this week-end and then hopefully next week I can give it a trial run one morning before work.

(On the side, I've also been reading up on how to setup an antenna test range, so that may be sometime in the future.)

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