Log – VK1 2m FM Lunchtime Net – Thurs 14th October 2010

This was another good net with the weather changing from rainy and windy to a beautiful Spring day just for the net. Later Thursday heavy rains came and stayed through to Friday night.

We're seeing more people trying different antennas and power settings and this is proving very interesting. We are still getting some first timers and more and more handhelds. I observed an interesting contact just at the end where VK1DA connected to VK2HPN. This was going from Lake Tuggeranong College all the way across to the end of Anzac Parade near Lake Burley Griffen. Both on handhelds!

Oh, and Dimitri (VK1SV) again provided an interesting location for the log by transmitting from the roof of the Dept. of Nuclear Physics at the ANU.

Well, that's all for now, and I look forward to chatting with you all again this Thursday.

(Oh, and more photos from Sunday morning will hopefully go up tomorrow – ran out of time tonight – unless I spend all my time on my 'Cheap Yagi' project.)


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