2m Cheap Yagi Progress


Well, my 2m "Cheap Yagi" project is progressing well. All the elements have been made and attached to the boom, and the boom has now been sealed (seeing it's wood). Next step is to attach some coax and check the tuning – hopefully that'll happen this week.

It's turning into an interesting project that has led me to looking into antenna modelling with first YagiMax and then today I've now installed 4nec2. Further, now I'm starting to look into matching circuits which have always been a bit intimidating. But seeing how the impedance can vary based on the antenna design when you're focused on maximum gain etc. I now understand why it's done and am interested in learning more.

Anyway, once I complete this I'll be keen to take it out before work one morning and see how it goes on 144.200MHz (SSB). Following that I'll be keen to build another and this time use aluminium for the elements – as I used steel this time as it was the best I could find at the time.

Also, I've just got the pics from Sunday morning onto my computer, so I might try and upload them tonight along with the log. Also might get to the log from last Thursday Lunchtime net. 🙂

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