An Active Week End

Well, that was a more active amateur radio week-end then I've had in a while. I'll post up more details soon with photos, but just a summary….

On Saturday I purchased a new chuck key for my bench drill so I started work on the 4el 2m beam detailed in as mentioned in a previous post. All the elements are now attached to the boom and I'm just applying some varnish to it (as it's wood) to protect it from the elements. Last coat will go on tonight and then I'll start wiring it up and see what kind of SWR results – should be interesting as I had to use slightly larger material (and steel at that) for the elements.

The other activity that took place was that I did indeed get up on Mt. Stromlo early Sunday morning for some VHF/UHF work. However, unfortunately it seemed rather quiet. VK2HPN (Phil) came up the hill and said hi – so it was good to put a face to a call sign – and other than that I mainly made VK1 contacts on the air. However approaching 0900hrs as usual VK3 came up (due to aircraft) and I was able to make one contact to VK3BJM. That was some 400+ kms on 2m with 5W so I was happy with that.

Anyway, I'll post up photos and logs soon for some more detail. Plus hopefully I'll get the log done from last weeks 2m FM net soon.

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