Simple, Easy Beams for VHF and upwards

So after the fun I had the other morning on 2m SSB before work, I’m keen to get back up there. An I’ve received encouragement that I should do so and with a beam. VK1DA lent me a nice and simple 3el beam for when I was first trying some VHF/UHF field days and he recommends I get back up there with that – I think it’s a good idea. But I’m also wondering what other simple and small beams I could maybe build.

Well while wandering around Waldis Jirgens (VK1WJ) website ( I came across a couple of very interesting reads:

The first one has me really inspired – all I need is time (don’t even really need to find the chuck key for my bench drill – although that could make for a stronger construction). And I’m interested on the small direct connect beams on the second – matching circuits don’t appeal to me.

Oh, and there is still that 2m Halo ( that I want to try at some point, but that’s more involved. And ultimately I want to get hill top with my 10el 2m beam and 11el 70cm beam – but that wont be a before work effort as too much time will be required.

UPDATE: An email from Dave Nelson (VK2TDN) led me to find a PDF copy of the original article from WA5VJB:

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