Log – VK1 2m FM Lunchtime Net – Wed 7th October 2010

So, here we have the log for last week's 2m FM Lunchtime Net. You can see another good turn out was had (with 10 people) with some interesting locations and configurations (antennas on mag mounts on canons for example).

I was actually running late for this one as I got stuck in a client meeting. But it was great to hear people coming on air as I was driving to location. As a result I could even announce I would be about 5 mins late. Ahhhh, the convenience of radio hey!

Anyway, enjoy and I look forward to chatting with you all again this Thursday – starting to get a nice core group of regulars (excellent). And remember, if you've not had a chance to join then feel free to try this Thursday. Throw your dusty handheld in your bag and give it a go at lunch time! (Actually, considering the number of handhelds I'm almost tempted to bring my hand held and attempt to use it for at least one over.)


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