Mornings on 144.2 (2m SSB)

On the 5th Wednesday 2m FM net last Wednesday I heard VK1KW make mention of his regular activity on 144.2 of a morning during the week. This piqued my interest as I was thinking that the only real time to try for 2m SSB activity was Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Anyway, I was chatting to VK1KW this morning (on 2m FM Simplex) and I queried him for more details. So now I understand there is reasonable activity most mornings between 8am and 9am (local time) on 144.2 SSB. (And that from Red Hill – even with just a dipole – I may pick up Sydney stations etc.)

So now my plan is to grab my 2m dipole I made a couple of years back for 2m SSB work (I'll provide some pics when I do), and make sure it's all still good and then attempt to head up Red Hill one morning before work and see what activity I can hear. Then, assuming I can hear something I'll see whether I can make any contacts. Because of the size of the 2m dipole I will probably just do a rough and ready job at first and hand hold it while I connect it up to my FT-817ND. From there, I'll then see if there's a really quick mast or something I can deploy it on – keeping in mind I'll be on my way to work and in a suit (so not ideal for too much clambering around. 🙂

Also, VK1KW made mention of the idea of using a loop antenna (currently reading this – so I might have to eventually see if I can find myself sometime to build one and give that a go. Ultimately I'm still looking for a spare week-end to get hill top with my beams, but this might be a quick and easy way to get some 2m SSB activity – assuming I can get out of bed earlier (which will have the positive side effect of getting me to work earlier).

PS. I've not forgotten about the log from last weeks Thursday net, just been down in Tassie all week-end so haven't had time yet.

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