VK2IG’s Report for Wednesday Night’s Net

Mike sent through the below report for the Wednesday night net. Because of the interest in the number of stations that could receive him (considering the antenna choice, power output and distance) I thought it would be interesting to share.


On Thu, Sep 30, 2010 at 8:59 PM, Mike wrote:

Here is the report of signals heard during last night's "5th Wednesday night
of the month activity" – the 2m FM simplex net on 147.500 MHz as heard at
VK2IG near Gundaroo, NSW.

My station consisted of an FT-817 running at 5W output to a discone antenna
approximately 3 to 4 m above the ground.  My location has a clear line of
sight to some high locations in and around Canberra, especially Black
Mountain – the light pollution from Canberra is quite visible in the
southern sky.

Reports are given as readability x strength per SSB-style operation –
squelch was disabled (ie, noise heard when insufficient carrier detected) as
otherwise I wouldn't have known that some stations were there.  NH means
"Not Heard".

VK1FOTO    5×9+
VK1HAX    NH to 1×1
VK1MAT    1×1
VK1GC    2×1 to 2×4
VK1FSTJ    1×1
VK1ARK    1×1
VK1JA    1×1
VK1NK    3×1
VK2NSS    4×7 on IC-746, 4×9 on IC-910
VK1DA/M    4×7 QSB on calling into net nr Woden/Deakin, 1×1 afterwards

Thanks to everyone on the net for reporting whether or not they could hear
me.  It was interesting to know that I could be heard by stations who I
couldn't hear well, or even not at all.  The discone antenna was put up some
3.5 years ago, and it may require a quick overhaul.  Also, I've noticed some
noise here on 2m – this was also evident during the 2m SSB night we had some
months ago, so I'll have to track that down.  Also, I have a pre-amplifier
which I've never used, so it might have to come out of the box!




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